>>> piano <<< 
automatic and bias-adjustable instrument tuning program
Hallo friends, 
piano is a simple but quick instrument tuning and frequency measuring program. 
piano only needs a computer with soundcard and linux. All three may even be old ones.
piano is a simple-compiling console (ncurses) program. 

piano will guess the note just played (or one of its harmonics) 
and help you fine-tune it in a range of +/- 1/2 tone. 

The heart of piano is derived from the ham radio decoder "multimon" by Tom Sailer, many thanks Tom! 

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There are some great things in piano:
  • You can also tell piano by options to tune a special note and octave or a special frequency (for electronic measurings).
  • A "bias" option is helpful for tuning older, lower-tuned pianos. 
  • A "soundcorr" option can correct the sample rate of the soundcard
  • (there is Tom Sailer's refreq program included in the package, which gives you this factor from a reference frequency.)
  • help by `man piano`

How to install piano:
tar-zxvf piano-<version>.tar.gz
cd piano-<version> 
(as root) make install
rpm -i piano-<version>.rpm

Documentation on piano:
piano -h or man piano 
Where to find piano:
Every news from you is an encouragement for us going on with developing piano.
If you like, help programming. In any case, have a lot of fun!
Maintainer of piano: Guenther Montag dr.g.montag@gmx.net